5 Things you need for your next Disney trip.

So you have decided to go to Disneyland or Disneyworld for the first time and you are thinking to yourself, what should I bring. We have compiled our list of the must-haves to bring with you on your next Disney trip.

Magic Kingdom
Magic Kingdom

We have been multiple times now both on our own (Pre children) and with all our four children. It is a lot of fun but also can take a little bit of organising. With each trip, we have always come up with something we wished we would have packed and have compiled a short list of the essentials, you might not think of but that will come in handy.

  • Portable charger.

    • This is our number one item whenever we are packing for our Disney trip. In my house, I am known as the Paparazzi and even with the Photo pass my phone gets a workout, add to that Disney play app and the Max pass and my phone loses charge rapidly. The best solution is to carry a portable charger with you.
  • Waterproof case for your phone

    • California and Florida can both get hot in the summer and the best solution is to hit some of the awesome ‘water’ rides at the parks. From Splash Mountain (A favorite of mine) to the Kili river rapids or Grizzly bear falls. The only problem with these rides is where to store your phone whilst you are on them as you will get Wet. One solution is to grab a waterproof case for your phone and take the stress out of it.
  • Autograph book and Pen

    • After the rides, Our children’s favorite thing to do at any Disney Park, cruise line or resort is to line up and get an autograph with the characters. It doesn’t matter if we have already got their autograph on previous trips, they get so excited, lining up and talking to them. Don’t worry if you do forget one as they are readily available, however, it is nice to bring your own so you have something different to the other dozens of people lined up in the queue.

Autograph book and Pen

  • Disney themed clothes for the kids.

    • Our children love to dress up for Disney but don’t want to be wearing costumes every day, instead, our daughter has a huge selection of Disney inspired dresses. Some days she will dress up as a princess, other days she is a space ranger.

These gorgeous cotton dresses from Scout Mackenzie come with free shipping Australia wide.

Disney themed clothesDisney themed clothes


  • There is nothing worse on holidays than getting sunburnt a couple of days into your trip and spending the next few days feeling sad and sorry for yourself. If you are traveling from another country as we do, we find it easier to bring some with us, so we now that it works for our skin.\
  • Pin Trading Bag

    • Our children love trading pins at Disney and whilst you might see people walk around Disney with them on Lanyards, it is very easy for the pins to be knocked off the lanyard. To save that from happening we purchased each of our children their own Pin trading bag. This way once they have finished trading we can zip it up and keep the pins safe.

Disney Pin trading bag

What are some of your essentials for your next Disney trip?

Tell us in the comments below.

5 ideas to pack for your next Disney trip5 ideas to pack for your next Disney trip5 ideas to pack for your next Disney trip


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