An introduction to surfing, A surf Lesson at Smith’s beach.

An introduction to surfing, A surf Lesson at Smith’s beach.

What is a better place to have a surf lesson than on Phillip Island, Victoria’s first National Surfing Reserve? This month our two children got that chance with a 2 hour lesson at Smith’s Beach, one of the best beginners surf beaches in Victoria.

100 metres from Smith’s beach is Island surfboard, and Surf school. A perfect place to get a surf lesson, this surf school is affiliated with Surfing Australia. All their coaches have their Surf Rescue and Resuscitation qualifications. The coaches are Level 1 accredited coaches and their head coaches have a level 2 accreditation.

For only $70 per person, which also included Board, wetsuit and sunscreen, they had 2 hours to learn to Surf.

I was amazed within only ten minutes of getting into the water both our children were standing up. The joy on their face was such a delight to watch.

The Surf lesson begins up at the Surf school there is a place to leave any valuables, change into the wetsuit and your lesson begins with an explanation on Rips and what to do and what not to do.

Once you get to the beach your lesson begins on the sand, with your coach teaching you how to surf whilst on the safety of the sand. They show you in easy steps, what to do, from how to paddle, to the steps you should take to be able to stand on the board. Once the coaches feel like you have mastered it on the sand then the real fun begins.

The advantage of learning on Smith’s beach is whilst the waves aren’t big they are quite consistent. Once you have caught a wave on the large Foam boards they supply, you can often ride them right into the shore.

Giving you plenty of time to get your nerve up and follow the steps to stand up.

If you are down at Phillip Island I would strongly recommend you book a lesson in down at Smiths beach.

I know our two kids can’t wait for their next lesson.


Surfing lesson

Surfing lesson

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