Disney Aulani’s Rainbow reef.

Disney Aulani’s Rainbow Reef

Rainbow reef is Disney Aulani’s saltwater lagoon that allows you to swim up close with a variety of tropical fish, or watch them through a viewing window.

Disney Aulani’s saltwater lagoon is a magical place where you can swim with thousands of tropical fish, from Butterflyfish, angelfish, surgeonfish. Protected from the wind, waves and weather, it’s a great high visibility place to snorkel. Whether you snorkel regularly or want to learn how to snorkel it’s the perfect place to learn.

Rainbow reef is set at 77 degrees Fahrenheit to reflect the cool waters that the fish are used to, which is a nice relief in the hot Hawaiian sun.

There is nothing more fulfilling than finding the hidden Menehune statues and hidden mickey’s hiding deep within the reef.

There is a viewing window where you can watch your friends, family snorkelling. or just watch the fish swim past. There is a cost to snorkel but it’s free to watch others.

Rainbow Reef - Disney Aulani Resort Rainbow Reef - Disney Aulani Resort Rainbow Reef - Disney Aulani Resort


One Day Access – Adult $20 Children 9 and under $15

Length of stay –  Adult $35 Children 9 and under $29


Life vest, mask and snorkel set

Supplied Air Snorkelling

If you are over 8 years old you can spend $40 to do Supplied Air Snorkelling, where you have a regulator and special gear to float. You need to register in advance and it’s only available about 3 times a week.

Fish are friends.

Another great opportunity for children aged 3 – 12 years old is the Fish are friends program a 3-hour premium experience offered through Disney Aulani’s Children’s program Aunty’s Beach House.  Children love learning about how the people train, feed and care for the marine life. They take home a DVD, a cinch bag and a laminated sheet with information about different fish. It comes with lunch as well.


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Where is your favourite place to go snorkelling?

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40 thoughts on “Disney Aulani’s Rainbow reef.

  1. Hawaii!!! Oh gosh, this is a dream vacation spot for me! What made you decide to do the snorkeling here instead of somewhere else around the island?

  2. Sounds great that they are teaching kids how to protect coral reefs. Unfortunately in Thailand I see way too many people touching and standing and therefore destroying the reefs. Glad some places are trying to educate!

  3. I love the finding nemo reference. Fosh are friends, not food. But I haven’t been to Disney in forever and this sounds like an amazing experience. I would love to swin with the fishies!!

    1. I think thats why we enjoyed it so much as adults, it was a fun, safe way to introduce snorkelling to our two oldest children. Who then went out to the beach and had a go in the sand and (mild) waves.

  4. This truly does look magical, we are big Disney fans, and we will look into staying there one day when we visit Hawaii 🙂 I used to go snorkeling in the Florida Keys as a kid, this place reminds me of the that.

  5. If things work out, we might go to Hawaii next spring. I didn’t realize Disney had a resort in Hawaii. This might be a good option for us!

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