Disneyland Hotel, Is it worth staying on site at Disney?

So many times I have seen people ask about staying on-site at Disneyland and whether it is worth it.

Disneyland Hotel

Staying at a Disneyland resort comes at a premium. They can be substantially more expensive than the hotels located just outside Disney’s borders.

We have visited Disneyland four times now, staying at a Disney Good neighbour hotel, the Grand Californian (twice) and on our recent Epic Disney Vacation at the Disneyland hotel.

We love the Disney touch when you are staying at a Disney resort you really are immersed in the Disney Magic from the minute you wake up until the minute you go to sleep.

Our children loved looking around the grounds searching for hidden Mickey’s. Turning on the TV to find out what was happening in the parks each day.

With a large family, it can often be hard to find hotels that accommodate a party of six but Disney make it easy. With other resorts, you get the line “we will try and get you interconnecting rooms but we can’t guarantee it” that is something we won’t risk, I am not spending all this money on a trip to be staying in a different room from the rest of the family.

You might say, yes but what are the chances they will separate you? We only had to have one hotel that put my husband and I on separate floors for a night to realise it’s not worth risking it.

But not with Disney, when you book directly with them they always tell us ‘no problem’.

Our previous trips were always in interconnecting rooms at the Grand Californian giving us space a large family needs. Also with young children, the Grand Californian hotels direct entrance into Californian Adventure park was a lifesaver with infants and toddlers.

Disney also has a large number of suites at the resorts that accommodate all six of us, without any fuss at all.

As much as we love the Grand Californian Hotel, our children have always wanted to stay at the Disneyland Hotel, with it’s real Disney theming with giant Mickey statues, its over the top Monorail themed waterslide, and the amazing bed ends complete with music and fireworks. Now that our youngest was 5, we decided the time was right to stay at the Disneyland hotel in one of their one bedroom suites.

Disneyland Hotel

It came with 2 queen beds and one queen-sized sleeper sofa. A kitchenette, bathroom and a lovely balcony overlooking the snow-capped Californian mountains and you could see the Disneyland fireworks from our balcony.

Disneyland Hotel

What could be better than that? Now our four kids are young enough that it still works as they had to share beds but it was a price they were more than willing to pay to stay at Disneyland hotel.

There are lots of other great ‘perks’ from staying at a Disney resort as well.

  • Shorter Security lines 

We found the security line so much smaller going into the park from the Disneyland hotel. You enter through security at Downtown Disney and each day we waited no more than fifteen minutes to go through.

  • Extra time in the park

With Disney’s Extra Magic hours it gave us an extra hour in one of the parks each morning, that meant even though we stayed over one of it’s busiest times New Years, we still managed to go on every ride.

  • Phone Call from Mickey Mouse

What is more magical than a friendly wake up call from Mickey Mouse.

  • Convenience when Shopping

Instead of walking around with all your purchases they can get delivered straight to your room.

  • Convenient location

Our younger two children were ready to head back to the hotel for an afternoon break, so my husband was able to take them back for a play, and then come back and met us for dinner.

  • Your Key to the Magic Card

Your Room Key, labelled the Key to the World can be linked to your credit card, so you can charge all your purchases and food back to your room. Just another way Disney makes it easy.

  • Disney Magic

There are other ways Disney make things magical, sometimes ‘mousekeeping’ (housekeeping) staff will leave towel animals on your bed. There is always yummy chocolates left with the turndown service. On our last trip, we came over our daughters birthday and she received a lovely collection of autographed photos from the princesses on her birthday. It’s those little Disney touches that add to the magic.

If staying on site is in your budget then I would strongly recommend staying at any of the Disneyland hotels.

Is it worth paying a premium to stay on site at a Disney hotel? Is it worth paying a premium to stay on site at a Disney hotel? Is it worth paying a premium to stay on site at a Disney hotel?


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