Take an adventure to Tarango Western Plains Zoo.

Take an adventure to Tarango Western Plains Zoo.

Halfway to the Gold Coast just out of Dubbo is the Taronga Western Plains Zoo a destination unto itself.

The Taronga Western Plain Zoo is not your traditional zoo, instead it is a large zoo with wanders through natural bushland, and large open exhibits. Whilst you could walk around it, the best way to explore is by Car, Bike, or Electric Safari cart (Golf buggy). (Both bike and Golf Buggy available for hire)

We got their just after the zoo opened at 9am, and managed to hire one of the buggies, you hire them for $69 for 3 hours, they seat 6.  These zebra striped carts just add a little more fun to the day. You can also hire binoculars so you can get a closer look at the animals.

The Taronga Zoo, is open every day of the year, including Christmas Day.

If you have your caravan behind you, don’t worry they are very accomodating, their is a designated parking area just after the entry gate where you can unhook and Park your trailer, camper or caravan.

You don’t feel like you are looking at animals through fences, as the exhibits and paths are built up, so you can look right across the fields.

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