Tips for travelling with Children

Tips for travelling with Children

We have been very blessed to travel quite extensively with our four children, from our early days in an Eagle camper with our oldest, as our family has grown so has the size of our caravan. We then moved on to an Expanda, and then to our most recent van a Base station.

But no matter the size of the van, or the size of the family their are some very important things we have learnt when travelling with Children

1. Leave early in the day

Gives you time to enjoy yourself, stop at all the random “touristy things along the way”
Gives you time to take photo’s not just make memories but remember them too.
Less stressful if there is some unforeseen drama along the way.
Important one – Allows you to set up before dark.

2. Bring a First Aid Kit

You have children, which means that at some stage you will probably end up with a child having a scratch, a temperature, a cough. Be prepared as its very frustrating trying to find a chemist open in the middle of the night if your child gets sick

3. Toys, games and Entertainment

If travelling with children on dirt roads Ipads are better than DVD’s as they don’t jump around.
Simple games in the car keep them amused, like the sign game, (Children start at A and try and find a sign with a word on it starting with A, then move through the whole alphabet), The cloud game, make pictures out of clouds,
Try to keep the electronic devices off as long as possible in the car, let them look out the window, once the electronic devices start the opportunity for them to explore around them ceases.

4. Simple games are best,

(especially quite ones) remember you will all be in a small space for prolonged periods

Our kids loved playing with Pegs, simple no noise
Playing Cards
Figurines, (we took our Pocket friends everywhere and took photos of their adventures as we went
Blocks are great as they are so open ended (and quiet)
Dishes, our daughter loves helping wash the dishes, to her its water play, fill a bucket outside, throw in some plastic cups and relax. If your lucky like we are she also loves to dry them too.

5. Some extra essentials

Mattress protector – cover the bed in a mattress protectors / sheet / mattress protector / sheet, that way if your children are sick in the middle of the night you only need to pull of the sheet and top mattress protector. (and you are not storing them in your limited cupboard space)
Powdered or UHT milk, if you are travelling outback sometimes it is hard to get fresh milk, make sure you always have some in your cupboard for cooking.
Baby wipes – what can I say these are essential, they can be used to clean pretty much anything up, from faces, tables, hands, benches.
Sunscreen – Slip, slop, slap. 🙂
Insect repellant, there is nothing worse than your child being awake in the middle of the night with a mosquito bite.
Paw Paw cream – in case you forget to put on insect repellent.
Spare Water – Dehydration is a very dangerous thing,we need water to operate efficiently and sometimes you will pull up in a caravan or free parking spot and the water is not suitable for drinking. Be prepared.

6. Pack for all weather
Australia is famous for, four seasons in one day, so be prepared pack shorts but also pack a jumper.

7. Create learning experiences

Visit the local Visitor information Centre, your children will not only learn about where you are travelling but you can gain local knowledge, where the best touristy things are, best places to replenish supplies
Ask questions, ask you children about where you have been.
Stop at berry farms, You get fresh berries, children get to run around.

8. Relax and enjoy yourself you are making memories that will last a lifetime

What are your essentials you pack when travelling with children?

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