Waiting for a rare super blue blood moon.

A Super Blue Blood Moon in Ballarat.

We sat shivering outside waiting in anticipation for a glimpse of the Rare Super Blue Blood moon.

Our tripod set we stood with our camera ready to take a photo of the magical appearance.

It began at 9:51 pm, was at its peak at 12:29 pm and had ended by 3:08 pm.

Ballarat is famous for its cold weather and midnight was no exception, we sat shivering in the cold Ballarat summer air wondering why last week the temperature was warm and the clouds were clear, but the night of the super Blue Blood Moon the air was cold and the clouds were thick.

We needed patience if we wanted to catch a glimpse of the lunar eclipse. Patience to watch the slow transformation, patience to wait in between cloud cover.

There were times we stood for ten-fifteen minutes with nothing to see, no stars, no moon just clouds, but when the cloud dissipated it was well worth the wait.

We waited, we watched and took many photos over a three hour period. It was mesmerising watching the large moon changing shape over a period of time, and then watching the moon turn blood red.

Just before midnight

Super blue blood moon

Did you see the Super blue blood moon?



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12 thoughts on “Waiting for a rare super blue blood moon.

  1. Oh! You’re lucky you could see it and even capture a shot! It was all cloudy and rainy that night in Brisbane so we missed it… Hopefully, I’ll be somewhere in the world where I can watch the next one next year!!!

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