Almost 1000 kms in one day.

One day, 980 kms down

The advantage of taking your time on the way up is when you get motivated, and the children travel well you can achieve some serious kms on the way home.

Yesterday we got up early and left Ayers Rock (Uluru) to head south.

The first 200 kms were achieved easily with no wind. As we turned back onto the Stuart Highway at Erldunda, a strong side wind hit us and continued for the rest of the day.
It is always interesting when travelling between Erldunda and Woomera, here you are travelling on a very busy highway with caravans, cars, bikes and road trains, and you pass through cattle stations with no fences.
It’s always a little bit disconcerting when you are sitting at high speeds and see some cattle up ahead.

Our lunch stop was at the start of the oodnadatta Track, and as we turned out the exit and drove the 200m back to the Stuart highway half of me wished we could keep going.

We arrived at Coober Pedy just before Dinner, and decided to keep travelling down to Glendambo and as we pulled in at 980kms. We were very glad to be finished for the night.

This trip we have been using the Milenco Mirrors and yesterday they really proved their worth. With horrible side winds and road trains. The mirrors didn’t blow in once, and provided great vision during the day without the need to readjust them.

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