A long but rewarding day.

A Long but rewarding day.

The thing about travelling with children is you never know how they are going to travel. Some days you feel like you stop every 30 minutes , other times you get a good run.
Thankfully today was the latter. We are know almost 1200 kms from home with almost 800 kms achieved today.

Whilst we were hoping to be set up by sunset, with a sleeping baby in the car and the knowledge of a caravan Park with its own pizzeria we pressed on and were rewarded by our effort

The Pizzas from the Woomera Travellers Village and Caravan Park not only tastes brilliant but were delivered to the door of the caravan which made our 2 big kids night.
The service here has been really friendly from the minute we drove in the gate.
 Looking forward to exploring woomera tomorrow before we head off again.

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