The James Corden Challenge – Hamilton Island

There is something special about Hamilton Island, it is a beautiful place to relax and unwind when on holidays.

Our children and I have been talking about what makes Hamilton Island so magical.

We put together a list of what we think makes it so magical, and what tops the list is the ability to zoom around the island in your own Golf Buggy, the wind in your hair, the view out the open sides it just adds to the ambience of the resort.

Now all the rental Golf buggies are electrically powered so every time you stop you have to plug the cord in. Once or twice we have seen people that have obviously forgotten to charge their buggies, getting slower and slower up the steep hill going up towards “One tree hill”.

So every time we arrive back at the resort the cry would ring out, Plug the cord in.

Now Master L, aged 10 loves a good pun, and loves James Corden from Carpool Karaoke fame and started saying.

“Plug the “James Cord in”.

Now the pun began to get a life of its own.

Next thing it became the “James Cord in Challenge” the Challenge to find the most picturesque places you could plug the “cord in”.

Whilst very practical the view from our accommodation is not at all picturesque, the view from the resort is nicer with views of the beach in the distance.

It took us a while but we think we have found the winner.

One tree hill - Hamilton Island James Cord in Challenge (James Corden)

If you wander up to “One Tree Hill” at the very end there is an electrical plug that if you are the last buggy parked you can power up, and the view from the plug at the top of one tree hill, is amazing. The food and the drinks there are pretty amazing as well.

One tree hill - Hamilton Island James Cord in Challenge (James Corden)One tree hill - Hamilton Island James Cord in Challenge (James Corden)

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