The start of an adventure

The start of an adventure

So today our epic adventure begins, well our mini epic adventure. Caravan packed, 4 kids in tow, and 2200 kms to drive.

We are heading to the red Centre of Australia to the Finke Desert Race.
The Finke as it is commonly known is a multi terrain off road race for bikes, cars, buggies and quads that runs for two days over the queens birthday weekend  from Alice Springs to the Aputula Community. (The community was known as Finke until 1980) the Finke river passes within a few kms.

The trip today was a good one, after a late start (4 kids, 2 under 2 will do that) it was further slowed by drivers who take a look at you with the caravan behind and decide that they can’t be ‘stuck’ behind a caravan, overtake you only then to slow 10kms under the speed limit.
With the help of our hayman reece weight distribution hitch our van towes brilliantly, so being stuck driving slow makes for a frustrating start. However that all starts to fade into insignificance as our hometown fades into the background, and the open road beacons us forth.


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