Flashback to 1998 in Central Australia

Central Australia

Back in 1998 I took a trip to Central Australia, and today I retraced one of those days. It was not on purpose however as the day progressed I kept thinking to myself I have been here before.
Our first stop was Standley Chasm, if you can get past the exorbitant entry fees, the walk in is quite easy and the view at the end is magnificent.

We then travelled further down the road to the Glen Helen Gorge and Homestead, the children enjoyed having a paddle in the freezing Finke River.

Last time I was here was Tuesday 22nd September 1998
I remember the day vividly as I sat at the same wooden table and chairs, discussing Robert Harvey’s triumphant brownlow the night before.
Not much has changed in that time, there are a few more modern additions, a giant tv with a slide show of beautiful photos and a stand full of lollies.
But the view is as magnificent now as it was then.

We then headed into the Ormistin Gorge and Waterhole, if only the weather was a few degrees warmer it would have been perfect place for a swim.

Our last stop was the Ochre Pits, The colours are amazing. It was well worth the short 300m walk to get there.

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