Top five things to do in Downtown Disney.

Downtown Disney

When we first went to Disneyland we never realised how amazing the shopping precinct at Downtown Disney is. There are over twenty shops and countless dining opportunities just outside the entrance of the Disneyland park.

Our children (and us) loved downtown Disney, we often grabbed breakfast in the bakery, we had dinner at rainforest cafe, we bought replacement flip-flops from Sanuk, got coffee from Starbucks.

Most mornings we walked to the entrance of Disneyland from our hotel through Downtown Disney, and we have put together our top five things to do in Downtown Disney.

Find the Hidden Mickeys in Downtown Disney

The Disney parks are full of hidden Mickeys, located in the furnishings of the hotels, the parks and Downtown Disney. We had great fun searching for Hidden Mickeys.

Our children were very excited when they found one hidden in the brickwork.

Check out the Lego store

There is something amazing about walking into the second largest Lego shop in America. (Orlando is the largest). The Lego store is an amazing shop with so many different LEGO sets to buy, you can select specific LEGO bricks. There is an interactive play space, there are large models all around the shop.

Build a bear in Downtown Disney

Take a wander into Build a bear and create your own Bear. There are some limited edition Disney designs that you won’t find in a normal Build a bear shop.

This is also a great activity to keep the kids amused when you want a break from the park.

Mickey mouse Build a bear

Have a smoothie at Rainforest Cafe

Every time we head to Disneyland we have multiple smoothies, dinners, and late night snacks at the Rainforest Cafe. Whilst we were excited to hear about the new hotel that will be opening. We were heartbroken to hear that the Rainforest cafe would be closing down to make room for it.

I strongly recommend visiting before it closes to see the huge fish tank, giant animatronic animals, and have one of their amazing smoothies.

Rainforest Cafe - Disneyland Rainforest Cafe - Disneyland

Visit Marceline’s Confectionery

The first thing that hits you as you Walk past Marcelines Confectionery is the amazing smell of fresh confectionery, chocolates, candy apples, flavoured popcorn.

Marceline’s confectionery is the perfect place to pick up a sweet treat for morning tea, afternoon tea or just because.


What are your favourite places in Downtown Disney?

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4 thoughts on “Top five things to do in Downtown Disney.

  1. This was my childhood! I grew up in South Florida, so I have visited the lego factory and rainforest cafe too many times. I used to love the dinosaur chicken nuggets, do they still have those? Awesome post 🙂

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