Noosa National Park

Noosa National Park
Noosa National Park, Queensland, Australia

150kms from Brisbane is the iconic Noosa, a tourism hotspot that each year sees over 2 million visitors flock to the beautiful beaches, iconic surf, and rugged coastline.

The most iconic of these destinations is Hastings street and for those wanting to see some secluded beaches, amazing Flora and Fauna, great surfing, they will often wander up the boardwalk to the Noosa National Park.

Noosa National Park encompasses an area of more than 4000 hectares, which also includes areas near Lake Weyba, Peregian, and down as far as Coolum.

Flora and Fauna of the Noosa National Park

Noosa National Park is an amazing place to see such a diverse range of wildlife. For those walking along the Coastal track between July to the end of October, you have a chance to see some of the 30000+ Humpback whales, that migrate up the coast of Queensland.

Humpback Whale (Taken further down the Coast)

Year-round Dolphins can be seen off the coast. as well as Turtles and Manta Rays.

Dolphin from Hell’s Gate
Turtles at Noosa National Park
Turtles at Dolphin Point

If you look inland at the trees you will not be disappointed, located near Tea tree bay you will often see some Koala’s relaxing up in the Gum trees. The National Park is also home to many birds, lizards, goannas, and even the occasional snake.

Noosa – National Surfing Reserve

Surfing at Noosa Surfing Reserve
Surfing at Noosa Surfing Reserve

Noosa National surfing reserve covers the area from Laguna Bay at Noosa Main Beach, all the way to North Sunshine Beach.

The National Park consists of 5 world-class breaks, and three consistent beach breaks, which is why earlier this year on February 21st this year it was officially dedicated as the world’s 10th surfing reserve.

Noosa’s points are most consistent during cyclone season which runs from December to May. Check out some of the epic waves filmed earlier this year in February, when Cyclone Uesi created a storm swell.

Walking trails

Noosa National Park – walking trails.

Noosa National Park is home to some amazing walking trails. Our favorite is the Coastal walk.

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Noosa National Park


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