Sheoak Falls and Swallow Cave -Lorne

Just fifteen minutes out of Lorne on your way to Apollo Bay, along the magnificent Great Ocean Road is a great walk within the Otway National Park. 

There are five walks available from the Sheoak Falls carpark.

  1. Sheoak Falls (600m – Oneway)
  2. Swallow Cave – via Sheoak Falls (about 1km – Oneway) if you go to the base of Sheoak Falls, about 800m without Sheoak Falls
  3. Sheoak Picnic Area, via Sheoak Falls, Swallow Cave, Castle Rock (7kms – Oneway)
  4. Cumberland River circuit, via Sheoak Falls, Swallow Cave, Castle Rock (11.5kms – return)
  5. Cumberland falls via the Cumberland River circuit, via Sheoak Falls, Swallow Cave, Castle Rock (13.5kms – return)

The first walk to Sheoak Falls is about fifteen to twenty minutes along the path on a mostly uphill section. The path is a mixture of gradual inclines, very steep steps, shorter steps and long windy straight sections. 

As you arrive close to the Falls you have a choice head down to the Right to the base of the Gorge to see the falls from the bottom, or head right up the stairs to see Swallow Cave first.

We headed down into the base of Sheoak falls and it was worth the view.
After watching the water cascading over the 15 m cascading Falls, we ventured up towards Swallow Cave, it is almost all uphill from there, and some of the steps are almost twice the height of normal steps, so keep in mind if you have small children or back issues.  But it is worth the walk.

Their are two vantage point of the fall, the first lookout point allows you to see the falls, but the second part lets you really experience it.

After the first lookout you continue your journey uphill until you get to a small river crossing (this should only be attempted if the water is not high, and covering the stones that you cross with). This is the perfect place to sit on the rocks and put your feet in the water after your climb. 

But the best is still to come just 100m down the hill is the bottom lookout of Swallow Cave. From there you can see the little birds fly in and out of the caves. (Birds are normally there between spring and autumn.)

Have you been to the Great Ocean Road before? 

What are some of your favourite places to stop along the way?

Let us know in the comments below 

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Disneylands California Adventure Park – Top 5 Activities for Children.

A visit to Disneyland in Anaheim would not be complete without hopping next door and visiting Disney’s California Adventure Park. this park focuses more on California and the Disney Pixar characters than Disneyland and has a much more Carnival feel than Disneyland next door. We found on our trips to Anaheim about 40 % was spent in California Adventure Park and 60 % at Disneyland. So it’s well worth a visit.

I asked my four children what their highlights were from California Adventure Park and I have compiled a list of the Top 5.

Twelve yr olds Top 5

1- Toy Story Midway Mania (Fastpass) 

This ride located at the back of the park at Paradise Pier was a favorite with our children and adults alike. You climb into a Carnival Car in Andy’s room and aim at various objects in a carnival-inspired 4D game. The great thing about Toy Story Midway Mania, is it tallies up your score so you can see how well you went.

Whilst there are no height restrictions, Children 7 and under must be supervised by someone 14 years or older.

2- Soarin around the world (Fastpass) Located in Grizzly Peak

Children 102cm or taller that don’t mind heights will love Soarin around the world. This ride is one that is hard to explain as really there is no other ride quite like it. You feel like you are hang gliding over amazing sights and really feel like you are there. All your senses are included, you feel the wind in your hair, you smell things, the music surrounds you.

3- World of color

World of color is a magical presentation of songs, music, Disney animation, lights, fire through their projection onto the water. It is an amazing experience that really brings the Disney Magic alive. The show goes for about 25 minutes, but you are drawn into every minute, every moment. Your children will love seeing their favorite characters from Pixar as well the Traditional Disney characters

It starts with a fun wheel challenge, fifteen minutes before the show, and continues through the presentation.

*We always book a Disney Dining package through Ariel’s grotto, to ensure we get a great seat, in the world of Colour preferred viewing area.

4- Radiator Springs Racing (Cars Land) Fastpass

Children 102cm will love racing in radiator springs. There is always a long line so make sure you head here first to grab a FastPass ticket. The level of detail even in the waiting area is great. You really feel like you are visiting Radiator springs. The ride itself takes you on a journey with Mater to help him participate in tractor tipping, on your way to the big race.

You are in a 6 man vehicle, and empty seats are filled up with the single rider line. The first half of the ride is inside, but the final race is outside and you race another car. You don’t know who is going to win. Every time is different.

Radiator Springs Racing (Cars Land)

Radiator Springs Racing (Cars Land)

5- Silly symphony swings (Paradise Pier)

A great fun classic carnival style ride. Swing high above Paradise Bay to the sounds of William Tell Overture. You must be over 102cms tall. Probably some of the best views of the water and Paradise Pier

Silly Symphony Swings

Animation Academy

HONOURABLE MENTION – Animation Academy

Fun for all ages and experiences, the animation academy teaches children and adults alike how to draw some of Disney favorite characters, you are taught by a Disney animator.

It’s an interactive step by step process. You get to take home your artwork at the end.


disney animation academy

Ten-Year-olds Top 5 Activities for Children at Disney California Adventure Park.

It’s always interesting to see how my two older children’s favorites often overlap. 

1- Toy Story Mania

(As above)

2- Goofy Sky school (FastPass, max pass, rider switch, single rider line)

Children 107cm or taller will love this roller coaster ride, that zigs and zags around corners. Children under 7 need to be supervised by someone 14 years or older. The rollercoaster is not for children afraid of heights as it goes 3 stories high in the air.

3- Mickey’s Fun Wheel

Not just an amazing photo opportunity the iconic Mickey’s fun wheel is the perfect way to see a great view of the Park. There are 8 traditional carriages, then 16 more daring carriages that move around. We had a turn on the ones that move around (Normally half the wait time) and whilst it was a little scarier it was a great way to see the park.

Each of the Carriages has a Disney face either Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Pluto, Donald.

Mickey's Fun wheel

4- Grizzle river run (FastPass, MaxPass, Single Rider line, Rider switch)

You will get wet, very wet when you take a ride on the Grizzly River Run, Jump onboard a whitewater rafting journey as you plunge down the rapids of grizzly peak.

5- Soarin over the world

(As above)

Five-year-old Top 5 list for California Disney Adventure Park.

1- The Little Mermaid ~ Ariel’s Undersea Adventure

Disneyland Ariels

The Little mermaid ride contains scenes, music and characters from The little mermaid. The line moves quickly as the clam shell carriages are always moving.  

2- Golden Zephyr Paradise Pier

Soar high with the Golden Zephyr ride, located at Paradise Pier, this ride is perfect for Children of all heights. The ride goes for 90 seconds, and you soar around in 14 man silver carriages, inspired by the 1920’s.

It allows for a great view of the Paradise Pier area. However does close early due to the World of Colour. 

3- Flik’s Flyers A Bug’s Life

Fliks Flyers

Fly high like a bug, in bug’s hot air balloon. Great ride for children and adults alike, with no height restrictions. You get a great view of all the surronding Bug’s life attractions.

4- Princess Puddle park (Bug’s life)

There is nothing better on a hot Californian day in the park to have a little splash in Princess Puddle Park. 

5- Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree

Twirl with Mater in his Junkyard Jamboree, to some great country music. you need to be 81cm tall to ride, and children under 7 must be supervised by someone 14 years or older. There are 22 different tractor trailers, that go around in a figure 8. I don’t know if its the original country tunes sung by mater, or the unpredictability of the ride, but you can’t help but smile as you spin around.

Four Year old’s favorite rides.

1- Flik’s Flyers (As Above)

2- Princess Puddle park (As above)

3- Heimlich Chew Chew Train (A bugs life)

Ride on top of Heimlich as you tour through the gardens in search of food. This is a gorgeous ride where everything around you looks huge as you navigate on a bug. Heimlich chews through treats both healthy like Watermelon, to the unhealthy candy corn. 

Caterpillar carriages seat ten, with 5 seats of 2. Great for all ages but especially pre-schoolers.

4- Francis Ladybug boogie (A Bug’s life)

Your child will love going for a spin on a ladybugs back in Francis Ladybug Boogie. Similar to a tea cup ride, you move along to a swinging beat.

5- Turtle talk with Crush (Hollywood Land)

This great interactive experiences, allows children to have an interactive chat with Crush and learn about many of the Disney Pixar, Finding  Nemo and Finding Dory characters. 
California Disney Adventure Park has so many great experiences for the kids, its well worth a visit. Children and Adults alike will marvel at all the great experiences. So if you are booking your tickets to Disneyland. Make sure you grab a Park Hopper pass.

Have you been to Disney’s California Adventure park? What was your favorite ride? Tell us in the comets below.

#feetdotravel, #weekendwanderlust

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Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

Do you want to know one of the most magical places in Disneyland? Somewhere sure to delight, make your child feel extra special. Then you need to book into the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique located in Fantasyland.

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

1- Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique at the Disneyland Resort

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique is a popular experience at Disneyland for girls and boys aged 3 – 12. A Fairy Godmother in Training will transform your child into a royal princess or knight at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.

There are seven packages on offer.

1- The crown package. $64.95 US plus Tax (and tip)

If you have your own costume, this is a great entry level package to make your child feel special and pampered. This package includes hair, (Princess, Disney Diva, Color star) makeup, Princess sash and a take-home Princess Cinch bag and nail polish.

2- The next level is the courtyard Package, this is $109.95 (Plus tax) (And tip)

This includes the same as a crown package and a Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique T-shirt, and a tutu.

3 – The next Package is the Castle Package, starting at $199.95 US

  • (depends on your child’s choice of costume and extra accessories) (Plus Tax and tip). You would have to put aside at least $250 US.

It includes everything from the Crown package, a Princess gown of your choice, all to take home in their Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique cinch bag. The thing that sets it apart is the portrait package where they take gorgeous professional photos near Cinderella’s carriage.

Then the child and four of their family members get priority entrance into Fantasy Faire to meet three of the Disney princesses. No waiting in line.

4 – The Disney Frozen Package, at $164.95 US (Plus tax and tip)

This package is for the frozen fan. It comes with an Anna or Elsa Hairstyle and an Anna or Elsa Costume. The children also receive makeup, nail polish, Sparkling snowflake Accessories, Face gem, Princess gem and get to take home a 12 inch Olaf plush toy.

5 – The Disney Frozen crown package at $114.95 US (Plus tax and tip)

Like the Disney Frozen package just without the Anna or Elsa costume, perfect if you already have an Anna or Elsa costume.

Now the Bibbidi, Bobbidi Boutique is not just for princesses, There are two more great packages

6 – The Knights package. $19.95 (Plus tax and tip) –

You get a hairstyle, a sword, and shield. You can also upgrade to a different sword and shield if you would like for a small additional sum.

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique at the Disneyland Resort

7 – The Deluxe Knights package, $79.95 US (Plus tax and tip)

You get all the great bits of the Knights package and also a great Prince costume.




Fairytale Princess

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique at the Disneyland Resort

Disney Diva

Color Star 

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique at the Disneyland Resort

Things to know  –

Tips are cash only.

There is only one carriage and photographer so you might have to wait a few minutes for photos.

It is very tempting to spend extra money on shoes, gloves, and other accessories. If you want to save money bring your own accessories.

It is extremely busy, they allow you to book up to 60 days in advance by phone on (714) 781-7895. Make sure you do.

After the package, we found that all the Disney cast members interacted with our children by calling them, sir or princess. It really added to the magic.

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique at the Disneyland Resort



To see what are some of our other recommendations for children to do at Disneyland check out our post – Top 5 Must do Activities for Children at Disneyland. 

This post is part of #weekendwanderlust 


What makeover pack would you choose? Have you been to Disneyland before? Tell us in the comments below.


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Top 5 Must do activities at Disneyland for kids.

Disneyland really is the happiest place on earth, however, if you have decided to go in Peak season, or only have a couple of days to experience it, it can be a bit overwhelming trying to fit everything in. We have put together a list of our children’s top 5 must do activities at  Disneyland for kids. Because, as much as you want to do everything at Disneyland sometimes it is just not possible.

Top 5 Activities for Children at Disneyland

A Twelve-year-olds must-do activities at Disneyland.

  • Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters (fast pass- Max pass)

Located In Tomorrowland. Make sure you grab a FastPass as during the day the line can get long.

Buzz Lightyear needs your help, board a spaceship and help save the galaxy for this interactive ride.  Shoot targets and try and get a high score with the toy laser gun.

No height restrictions however children under seven must be supervised by someone fourteen years or older.

  • Fireworks 

Best Viewing areas – in front of Sleeping beauty castle, Main Street USA, near it’s a small world.

(Dependent on weather) If you are only at Disneyland for a couple of days, don’t wait. Make sure you see Fireworks when you can as it is weather dependent and if it is too wet, or windy they have been known to be canceled. On our last trip to Disneyland, we watched the fireworks from a distance on our first couple of nights. Then when we wanted to watch it from out of the front of the castle it was canceled two nights in a row.

There is something magical about watching the fireworks cascading above sleeping beauty’s castle.

  • Fantasmic (Fastpass – gets you a better view)

Located in the waters around Pirates Lairon Tom’s Sawyer Island Mickey’s amazing dream comes to life, including a 45foot fire-breathing dragon.

Fantasmic and fireworks are on at the same time so you need to do them on different days.

  • Star Tours (Tomorrowland)

Offers Fastpass, Max pass and rider switch.

From the minute you wait in line to catch a ride on the Starspeeder 1000, the fun starts for Star Wars fans. Take a look at the decorations, keep an eye on the window and see if you can see the shadow of your favorite character.

This 3D ride you need to be 102cm, and all children under 7 years old must be accompanied by someone 14 years over.

* My kids favorite part of the ride is one person at random is chosen to be a spy and their pictures flashes on the screen. We rode it over a dozen times hoping to be chosen.

  • Dole Whip (Adventureland)

Just outside the Enchanted Tiki room in Adventureland is the Tiki Juice Room. The place to get the famous dole whip. No visit to Disneyland is complete without tasting a Dole Whip.

Dole whips are only $4.99

  • Honorable mentions – It’s a small world. (Fantasyland)

My daughter struggled to limit her list to 5 and this was the one that almost made it. This iconic ride that was featured in the movie Tomorrowland with George Clooney, is a family favorite. This is pure Disney nostalgia, however I must warn you the song will get stuck in your head.


Must do activities at Disneyland as voted by a ten-year-old.

  • Star Tours 

(See above)

  • Indiana Jones Adventure (Fast pass, Max Pass, Rider switch, Single rider line)

Children 117cm or taller, with a little bit of an adventurous streak, will love the Indiana Jones ride. Once again children under the age of 7 must be supervised by someone over the age of 14. The Indiana Jones ride is a great experience from the themed line, you enter the legendary temple of the forbidden eye. You climb into a twelve man vehicle and you move over a rocky terrain, fast at times, sometimes backward. It’s a really unique experience, not really a roller coaster but not slow like some of the other rides either.

  • Pirates of the Caribbean (New Orleans Square)

Pirates of the Caribbean ride is a great ride for all ages.There are no height restrictions although it can be a little dark at times. You climb into a boat that floats through a Caribbean village or two. Our children loved trying to look for Captain Jack Sparrow who was hiding in various parts of the sets.

You float past people sitting in the Blue Bayou restaurant as they eat their meal.

  • Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters

(See above)

Buzz Lightyear Astro Blaster

  • Jedi training academy

Follow the steps of a Jedi master and train with the Jedi. This was a highlight of our trip both our children got to battle Darth Maul. Tips – Go early get a spot at the front. Dress up as a Jedi, bring a lightsaber, or a sign. You are more likely to be picked.

Star wars Jedi training academy Star wars Jedi training academy

  • honorable mentions – Make your own Lightsaber

In the Star Trader shop in Disneyland is a make your own Lightsaber a stand. Our children spent ages building their own lightsaber. (Which they then took to try and get into Jedi training academy.

Must do activities at Disneyland for kids as voted by a five-year-old.

Book into the Bippity Boppoty Boutique to get a makeover by your own fairy godmother. Dress up as your favorite princess, get your nails, hair, and makeup done. Then. Head straight into princess Faire for her next recommendation which is to and get your photo and an Autograph with a princess at Fantasy Faire


  • Mad Tea party (Fantasyland)

No visit to Disneyland would be complete without a go on the spinning teacup rides. Children any height will love climbing into a giant pastel teacup. This is classic Disney magic at it’s best. The best thing about the Mad Tea Party is you control how much spin you can handle.

Mad Tea Party Disneyland

  • Casey Jr Circus train (Fantasyland)

The Casey Jr Circus train is an enchanting train ride, that has been at Disneyland since 1955. It is an enchanting ride through a tour of mini-villages showing many of your children’s favorite fairytales. All while riding in a gorgeous ‘circus train’

Casey Jr Circus train (Fantasyland)


  • It’s a small world (Fantasyland)

(See above)

It's a small world


Must do activities at Disneyland as voted by a three-year-old.

*Casey Jr Circus train (Fantasyland)

(see above)

Casey Jr Circus train (Fantasyland)

It’s a small world (Fantasyland)

(see above)

Donald’s Boat (Mickey’s Toontown)

Children any height can stretch their legs and explore Donalds Boat, climb the spiral staircase to ring the bell, spin the steering wheel, pull the whistle and see what happens.

Goofy’s Playhouse (Mickey’s Toontown)

Probably the best spot in Disneyland for children under three. Our children loved climbing through tunnels, having a turn on slides, and running around and exploring the Goofy playhouse Yard.

Mickeys toontown

The many adventures of Winnie the Pooh (critter country)

Children all ages will love exploring the many adventures of Winnie the Pooh, they will see all their favorite characters as they ride around in Giant honeypots.

The many adventures of Winnie the Pooh (critter country)



Have you been to Disneyland?

What are your must-do Activites at Disneyland for kids, tell us below in the comments?


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AMA‘AMA Disney Aulani Resort

“It’s kinda fun to do the impossible” Walt Disney

Sitting at the table of Ama’Ama only metres from the pools of Disney Aulani you understand the quote.

You sit in this beautiful restaurant so close to the hustle and bustle of waterslides, rides, rainbow reef and Pool lounges but you feel miles away. Sitting with a cocktail in your hand, the water in view its the perfect place to relax and unwind at Disney Aulani Resort.

Ama’Ama is open for breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Breakfast is open 7am – 10:30am, Lunch is 11:30am – 2:30pm, Dinner is 5pm – 9pm

Ama’Ama has a Keiki menu, including some healthy Mickey check options. They give a great little activity booklet out that all our children 3, 5, 9 and 11 all had fun with the activity book as it has a good range of activities, colouring in that kept them both entertained.

Ama’Ama Disney AulaniAma’Ama Disney Aulani

Ama’Ama Disney Aulani Ama’Ama Disney Aulani


















But at night time it seems to be the place that you are more likely to see parents their whilst their kids are in one of the night time activities at Aunty’s beach house.

Live music plays nightly (except Sunday), and there is nothing better than watching the sunset over Ko Olina Beach with a drink in hand listening to the music playing gently in the background.

The service was great there, and they were really quick to come around and take our drinks and food order.

Ama’Ama Disney Aulani

Lunch consists of a variety of salads, Soups, Entrees or deserts.

Ama’Ama Disney AulaniAma’Ama Disney AulaniAma’Ama Disney Aulani

So if you are after some nice dining in a beautiful environment then Ama’Ama Disney Aulani is the restaurant for you.


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Dinner with Donald, with Disney Aulani Character Dining

“Today’s special moments are tomorrow’s memories.” — Genie, The Return of Jafar

Create your own special memories with an enchanting evening at Makahiki Character dining. On selected nights the Menehune get up to mischief with a delectable buffet feast and characters to meet at “Menehune mischief”.

Makahiki Menehune mischief

Join Disney Aulani’s “Uncle” and some cheeky Disney characters for a fun, musical filled evening. The Menehune are the cheeky magical people of Hawaii, mischevious people. The shows are on three nights a week Sunday, Monday and Thursday (Check this hasn’t changed before booking). Instead of normal character Dinner, they have two shows, 5:15 – 6 pm, and 7:15-8pm.  With seating times at 4:30, 4:45, and 5pm for the 5:15 show, and 6:30pm, 6:45pm, 7pm for the 7:30pm show. Before and during the show you will see some characters so make sure you have your camera and autograph book ready.

What to expect at Menehune mischief “Disney Aulani Character dining”

When you arrive similar to the breakfast Character Dining you will be met at the front by a greeter who will confirm all your party is there and get you to sit down and wait to meet Donald.

Dinner with Donald Disney Aulani resort

Similar to breakfast time, there is a professional photographer there ready to take photos of you whilst you are getting autographs, during hi-fives and a more formal photo. Later they come around to your table and you can purchase these for $35, they come with one photo and a disk of all the other photos. (These are not linked to your photopass card).

Once you have your photo taken you sit and wait until someone walks you through to your table. You can order a drink, and grab some great food from the buffet.

Disney Aulani Character Dinner

Food selection

There was a great variety of food on offer at the buffet, from a carvery, salads, plenty of seafood, Oysters, Prawns, Claws, Mussels, Sushi, Tuna, Salmon, etc. Bread, Crab legs, Pizza, fried rice, Pork Loin, Fish, Steak, pasta.

For the Keiki (children) there was macaroni cheese, potato gems (dinosaur eggs) and also beef sliders. (they could also choose any of the normal buffet.

But where they excelled where the desserts. They had a huge selection of desserts, Brownies, cheesecakes, Cookies, Bread pudding, Puddings, Tapioca Pudding, Berries, Seasonal fruit, Chocolate Mousse, Rice Krispies.

Disney Aulani Character DinnerDisney Aulani Character Dinner Disney Aulani Character Dinner Disney Aulani Character Dinner Disney Aulani Character Dinner



At $52 for adults and $25 for children, it is only $3 more than the non-character dinner, so worth booking into the experience.










Like the breakfast, this is different to your traditional Dinsey character dining at the parks as apart from Donald who you meet on entry you also only have two – three other characters. On our evening we had stitch and chip and dale. Chip and Dale came to our table multiple times, however, Stitch only came once just as we were leaving.


If character dining or buffets are not for you there are other places to dine, check out our dining guide.


Have you been to a character dinner before?

What character would you like to see, make sure you let us know in the comments section below.


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Disney Aulani Character Dining Breakfast

Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, dreams are forever.” Walt Disney

Immerse yourself in the Magic of A Disney Aulani Character Dining experience.

Located at the Makahiki restaurant, just downstairs from the lobby is the Makahiki restaurant. A buffet-style Disney dining area that is open for Disney character breakfast every morning. It is open every night however only character dining 3 nights a week.

We were lucky to take our kids to both the character breakfast and dinner experience. Whilst they are different to the character dining you will experience in Disneyland, they are still a magical experience for everyone involved.

Just like booking Dining experiences with any other Disney resort you are able to book your Character dining reservations through the website long before you even get to the resort to make sure you get the perfect time for your booking.

Enjoy the magic of Disney.

What to expect at Disney Aulani Character Dining Breakfast.

disney aulani character dining

When you arrive you are instantly met by a couple of staff at the front counter who confirm your booking and then get you to line up to get a meet and greet with Mickey Mouse. We had to wait about 5-10 minutes both Disney character breakfasts we had booked.

Make sure your kids bring their autograph books, bring a camera. They take some great professional shots for you, but they do not use photo pass, these are separate. The cost was about $35 US for one photo and a disk of the rest of the professional shots taken at the initial meet and greet. They were well worth it every time with over ten photos. The photographer also takes one photo with your camera.

The characters you get to meet are varied. but normally only two (And the initial meet and greet with Mickey). On our first character breakfast, we met Minnie and Pluto. On our second it was Minnie and Goofy.

You have to be patient though as there are quite a few tables and the characters spend a while at each table, we just missed Minnie mouse when we arrived and had well and truly finished eating be they time she came back. Very different from other Disney Character dining when there are lots more characters so you don’t feel like you are waiting for characters.

But at $20 per child and $39 per adult, the price is reasonable so still worth it for a couple of interactions. What they lack in extra characters they make up for with “Auntie”. She adds games, songs, activities, interacts with the tables. She makes sure people who are having birthdays, or anniversaries are celebrated and adds some of the Hawaii Spirit to the Disney environment.

Selection of Food

Now the most important thing for me in a Breakfast buffet is the omelette station, a real buffet breakfast needs an omelette station and the Disney Aulani does not disappoint. The omelettes are made fresh to order and made well with a great selection of meat and vegetables to choose from.

There is also a great variety of fresh fruit, cereals, hot foods, from your typical bacon, eggs, as well as fried rice, miso soup. There is a great range of pastries, bread, pancakes and no Disney buffet breakfast would be complete without the famous Mickey Waffles. But Disney Aulani Character breakfast takes it one step further with Red Velvet Iron man waffles.

Mickey mouse waffleRed velvet iron man Waffle

The highlight for my children through where the Bananas and blueberries in a bucket. I will let the picture do the talking. And the yoghurts that are all served in small containers to minimise wastage.

disney aulani character dining disney aulani character dining disney aulani character dining disney aulani character dining disney aulani character dining disney aulani character dining disney aulani character dining disney aulani character dining disney aulani character dining disney aulani character dining disney aulani character dining disney aulani character dining disney aulani character dining disney aulani character dining disney aulani character dining disney aulani character dining yoghurt character dining Bananas, and blueberries and fish snacks


Overall we loved our breakfast, sure it wasn’t cheap but it was worth going. Personally, we only went twice through our seven days at Aulani and that was enough to experience the magic, enjoy the omelettes and fresh food.

Dinsey Aulani has a great variety of other Disney dining options, whilst Makahiki is the only character dining experience in the resort, there are plenty of opportunities to grab a photo with your favourite characters with Daily meet and greets around the resort.

A Disney Character Breakfast is only one way you can explore the magic of Disney Aulani resort. There are so many more magical things to do and see.

Have you been to a Disney Character Dining experience? Which is your favourite? Tell us below in the comments.




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Our Disney Aulani Food Guide

Disney Aulani Food Guide.

The Disney Aulani is a gorgeous resort located only a forty minute drive from the famous Waikiki beach on Hawaii’s island of Oahu. It is a resort that has everything, a beautiful beach, a kids club, photography courses, a spa, pools, waterslides, a Lu’au, even a Rainbow reef where you can snorkel in a 3800 square foot saltwater private lagoon.

With so much on offer, there is little reason to leave the resort. So with that in mind, we have put together our Disney Aulani food guide for eating at the Disney Aulani resort.

1 – Character dining.

If you are interested in Character Dining at Disney Aulani resort you have two options, Breakfast (Daily) or Dinner (Selected nights) at the Makahiki restaurant. The Makahiki restaurant is a buffet style restaurant. It is a casual family-friendly restaurant that serves a great variety of food.

Disney Aulani


2 – Table service

With one of the best vistas on the island, Ama’Ama is an elegant oceanfront restaurant that is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Whilst it is a more formal dining option at the resort, it is still children friendly with a great Keiki (Children’s menu).

Disney Aulani Food

3 – Lounges and Bars

There are three Lounges / Bars at Disney Aulani resort.

Off the Hook a poolside lounge that serves food (11 am – 9 pm) and drinks (10 am-9:30 pm)

This has a Keiki menu (food and Juice) available in the outside tables and chairs, and around the pool. As well as a very basic menu of salads, fried food, and Entrees.

The Olelo Room whether you want to sit out under the stars, or indoors the Olelo room allows you to learn about the Hawaiian language, listen to Live entertainment and enjoy a bite to eat. Open from 5 pm – 11 pm.

Wailana Pool Bar, located in the Adult only pool area. Has a full bar, as well as the same poolside Dining menu that is available at Off the Hook.

Off the Hook Disney Aulani food resort

4 – Meals on the Go.

Grab one of these meals on the go take it up to your room, lounge by the pool, the beach or maybe sit and watch the fish swim by at Rainbow Reef.

Disney Aulani Ulu Cafe

The Ulu Cafe.

The Ulu cafe is a great place to grab some pastries, hot meals, drinks, ice creams, cakes, and other grab it and go options. Breakfast is served from 6:30 am – 11 am and includes all your favourites like eggs, bacon, croissants, fresh fruit.  It also has an all-day menu from 11 am – 8:30 pm

It is a great place to grab a drink with the refillable mug that allows you to have unlimited sodas, tea, coffee and cocoa during your stay at Disney Aulani Resort.

They also serve pizza nightly from 5 pm to 8:30 pm



Mama’s Snack Stop

Another great place to grab a drink with your refillable mug
Has Hotdogs, salads, wraps, and other sweets.
Open 11 am – 5 pm

Papalua Shave Ice

One of the busiest shops in Disney Aulani resort is the Papalua Shave ice. You can buy a traditional shave ice, or shaped like Mickey’s ears, or even add condensed milk for extra sweetness.
Open 11 am – 5 pm

Little Opihi’s – Beachside Kiosk

Whilst you are sitting at Ko Olina beach enjoying the sunshine hop across to Little Opihi’s – Beachside Kiosk to grab a Mickey shaped pretzel, Dole Whip, cold drink, light meals or bag of crisps.

Lava Shack

Stop in to get a refill from the mug station between 10 am – 5 pm. The Lava shack is a great place to grab crisps, ice creams, and corn chips.

Kalepa’s Store

Kalepa’s store in the main lobby has a limited amount of groceries, including bread, milk, some fruit and vegetables, some frozen food, ie lasagne, chips etc. You can purchase cold drinks, limited alcohol and snack foods.

5 – Room Service.

Between the hours of 6 am – 11 pm, you can order from the room service menu. These include breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts and snacks.

5 – Special Gifts.

Celebrate birthdays and anniversaries with a special range of cakes, platters and other special treats. Available to order through room service. You need to order 24 – 48 hours in advance depending on the order.

Disney Aulani Food

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Disney Aulani’s Rainbow reef.

Disney Aulani’s Rainbow Reef

Rainbow reef is Disney Aulani’s saltwater lagoon that allows you to swim up close with a variety of tropical fish, or watch them through a viewing window.

Disney Aulani’s saltwater lagoon is a magical place where you can swim with thousands of tropical fish, from Butterflyfish, angelfish, surgeonfish. Protected from the wind, waves and weather, it’s a great high visibility place to snorkel. Whether you snorkel regularly or want to learn how to snorkel it’s the perfect place to learn.

Rainbow reef is set at 77 degrees Fahrenheit to reflect the cool waters that the fish are used to, which is a nice relief in the hot Hawaiian sun.

There is nothing more fulfilling than finding the hidden Menehune statues and hidden mickey’s hiding deep within the reef.

There is a viewing window where you can watch your friends, family snorkelling. or just watch the fish swim past. There is a cost to snorkel but it’s free to watch others.

Rainbow Reef - Disney Aulani Resort Rainbow Reef - Disney Aulani Resort Rainbow Reef - Disney Aulani Resort


One Day Access – Adult $20 Children 9 and under $15

Length of stay –  Adult $35 Children 9 and under $29


Life vest, mask and snorkel set

Supplied Air Snorkelling

If you are over 8 years old you can spend $40 to do Supplied Air Snorkelling, where you have a regulator and special gear to float. You need to register in advance and it’s only available about 3 times a week.

Fish are friends.

Another great opportunity for children aged 3 – 12 years old is the Fish are friends program a 3-hour premium experience offered through Disney Aulani’s Children’s program Aunty’s Beach House.  Children love learning about how the people train, feed and care for the marine life. They take home a DVD, a cinch bag and a laminated sheet with information about different fish. It comes with lunch as well.


hawaii Disney Aulani resort

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Lakeview Hotel Ballarat

The Lakeview hotel situated on the glorious Lake Wendouree in Ballarat is a great casual family-friendly restaurant in Ballarat. A great place to sit an relax after you finish your 6km walk around the Lake.

Lakeview Hotel Ballarat

We love heading there for breakfast as they make great fresh orange juice. The oranges are kept in the fridge so the juice comes out nice and cold.

Lakeview Hotel

The Lakeview hotel is very family friendly with a good variety of food on the children’s menu and have complimentary colouring in, which we have found a rare commodity in a lot of restaurants nowadays. Most places you have to buy an overpriced colouring-in pack that they finish before the meal comes out. The pictures are a great variety from superheroes, Disney characters, animals on plain white paper.

Lakeview Hotel

The wait staff are friendly and come round quickly after you arrive to make sure you order you can order your drinks even if you are still waiting on others in your party.

Lakeview hotel

It nice to sit and eat your breakfast or lunch watching everyone as the walk Lake Wendouree. Or to reward yourself after a nice walk with a nice cold drink.









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