10 Essential items for your caravan.

You have your perfect van. Picked up all the extra’s when you pick up the van, the steps, the wheel chocks, water hoses, power cables. You set off on your first big adventure only to find out you have forgotten some essentials items to make your trip easier.

My number one advice when you pick up your new (or new to you) van is to take it away somewhere relatively local first for a short trip to work out the essential items you need to take with you. That way you can work out what you should really pack in your van, and what your won’t really use.

Over the last 16 years of caravan travelling we have worked out a few of our essentials for a great trip.

My ten essential items.


Their is nothing worse than lying down to bed and feeling like you are sleeping on an angle. Feeling all the blood slowly rush to your head. Life is so much easier in a caravan that is level, from eating, sleeping, cooking even showering.

**If you do forget one, and have internet coverage you can download one for your iPhone, android. We used levelling tools on our last trip.

Non- Slip Grip mat.

Keep your food, and tableware form sliding around in the cupboard with some non-slip grip mat.

Camp Chairs

Seems like such an obvious one, but one thing that is often overlooked, the great thing about travelling in a caravan is exploring the great outdoors. Getting to the end of the day and having to try and relax outside on a step just doesn’t have the same appeal.

essential items

Essential items

First Aid Kit.

Be prepared! For any misadventure with a first aid kit, whether its a bite, burn, scratch, ear ache or headache. Their is nothing worse that being stuck in the middle of no where, trying to find something to tend to a wound or injury.

Plastic container for leftovers.

I hate wasting food so always pack a few plastic containers to store leftover meat, salad or pasta we have cooked. Also great to store open biscuits and other snacks to keep them fresh.

Broom and Shovel.

Most of our caravan trips ultimately end up somewhere near the coast of Australia, which means sand, sand everywhere. There is nothing worse that jumping into bed at the end of the night to feel a thin layer of sand in your sheets.

Melamine Tableware

Shatterproof, break resistant, melamine tableware is the only tableware to bring on your caravan trip. Nowadays the food safe melamine tableware is so much nicer than it used to be. Its easy to wash, doesn’t matter if it gets dropped.

essential items

USB Charging Hub

We have purchased a USB charging hub, to charge all our phones, cameras and other devices, so instead of having to plug in multiple chargers they all plug in nicely to the one hub.

Non Slip Floor matting

When our children were crawling this was the most essential thing for our stays in the caravan, our large Coast to Coast floor mat is 6m x 2.5m Its made from foamed PVC so it is a soft breathable mat that won’t kill the grass underneath it. It’s also non slip and comes in a carry bag, so is easy to store. Perfect for when you are on a dry dusty site.

essential items

essential items

Basic tool kit

There is nothing worse than being in the middle of no where. Finding out you have broken something and not having anything to fix it with.

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