Wildlife on Hamilton Island

What Wildlife can you see on Hamilton Island.

Hamilton Island really is a tropical oasis in the Whitsundays, the perfect place to explore, relax, and unwind. We spent a lovely week exploring all the island has to offer and the wildlife was no exception.
From the cute, the cuddly, to the down right scary you will find some interesting animals. Both in their wildlife park and around the Island.

Starting with the cute.


There are so many beautiful butterflies around the Island. If you decide to go on a walk you will find them all along the trails.


At the wildlife park you can book in to get a photo up close and personal with a Koala. (People over the age of 12 can even cuddle a koala) otherwise just sit back at the wildlife park enjoy the buffet breakfast whilst sitting beside a Koala.

Bush Turkey.

Keep your eyes open as you walk the trails and you might be lucky to see a bush Turkey in the bush below. They moved to quickly for me to take a photo of.


Now if the steep walk up the hill wasn’t enough to get my heart rate racing, the words “careful there is a snake next to you was”. Ok it might have just been a green tree snake but any snake that I come across when walking is one snake to many.


After our run in with a snake, I was even more aware of the slippery things across our path. Numerous times my heart rate skipped a beat as I saw the tail of a lizard in the path beside us.


These cheeky birds are all over the Island and you need to be careful as they will help themselves to your food. You have been warned!

Fruit bats.

We were sitting out on the marina side of the Island late in the afternoon and heard the distinct noise of the fruit bat, when we looked up we saw heaps flying around above.

Other animals you will see in the Wildlife park.

There is a great little wildlife park on the Island. The perfect place for visitors to Australia to get a little taste of our native animals. From Koalas, dingos, kangaroos, lizards, wallabies, turtles and even salt water crocodiles. It gives tourists a little snap shot into our Australian animals.

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