Little Blue Lake

Little Blue Lake

If you want to find a beautiful Blue Lake, with the most turquoise water in Australia. Where would you go? Would you instantly think of Queensland, the Daintree? Or Instead of heading north would you head south to the Apple Isle to see the amazing “Little Blue Lake”

Located between Derby and Gladstone, in the Far North East of Tasmania is the site of an old tin mine. The tin mine was operating from the 1880s to the mid-1980s and is now a majestic Blue Lake.

The Little Blue Lake is just one of many amazing sites in the East Coast Tasmania.

Over the years many different methods were used to mine the Cassiterite (Tin oxide) from the area. Thousands of tonnes of Sand, Clay, and gravel was extracted, the Tin oxide removed and then the material was returned to the hole with the Tin Oxide. This caused a large hole that they decided to fill in and become the tourist destination that it has become.

The water looks amazing. The vivid turquoise is due to the blue of the sky reflecting off the white clay now visible on the surface. As tempting as it is to swim in the blue water of “Little Blue Lake” you would be wise not to, as it has an alarming aluminum content. During the mining, process aluminum has leached from the decomposing granite.  Signs littered around the lake remind you not to swim or drink the beautiful turquoise water.

So when you head to the South Mount Cameron area, visit “Little Blue Lake” you won’t be disappointed by the view.

Little Blue Lake

Little Blue Lake

What is the bluest Lake you have seen?

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