Noosa Botanical Garden.

Noosa Botanical Garden

When you think of Noosa, what images come to mind?

Do you picture Hastings Street? Vibrant full of shops and world-class dining? Do you think of Noosa National Park? Walking to Hell’s gates and watching the wildlife? Maybe you picture the more relaxed Gympie Terrace, having a BBQ on the river bank watching the boats drive by?

Do you know that there is not a suburb called Noosa, there is Noosaville, Noosa Heads, and Noosa Waters, but not a Noosa on its own. Noosa itself is the name of the shire that stretches from Peregian Beach, Como, Kin Kin out to Cooran, an area of 870 km2 located on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia.

So a visit to “Noosa” is so much more than just the tourist areas that grace the covers of tourist brochures.

I decided to visit one of Noosa’s hidden gem. Noosa Botanical Garden, located 30 minutes from the iconic Hastings Street, at Lake Macdonald, to explore some of the beautiful natural environment the area has to offer.

Noosa Botanical Garden

Situated next to Lake MacDonald, Noosa Botanical Gardens are hectares of quiet peaceful walking tracks and feature a mixture of tropical and sub-tropical plants. Whilst the majority of the plants (about 80%) are native species they also have sourced plants from overseas.

Noosa Botanical Garden Pathway

Walk around wide, open paths and look at plants and flowers. Listen to the birds as they flutter in the trees. Watch the way the sun reflects on the water whilst admiring the lily pads.

The 4 different walking trails range from the 250m Bicentennial walk, the 300m rainforest walk, the 350m Subtropical Walk and the largest walk the 1500m Botanic Circuit.

Noosa Botanical Garden

Noosa Botanical Gardens is not a flashy garden. Sure the Greek-inspired Ampitheatre will leave you speechless as you admire its beauty. The Beauty in the Botanical Gardens is the understated nature of them. No flashy gardens mean that you feel like you are really ‘in nature”.

amphitheatre at Noosa Botanical Gardens

Lots of clear garden areas, perfect for a picnic lunch will you listen to the birds chirp around you.

There is areas set up for outdoor weddings, including an open air bush chapel. A fern house and lily pond.

The kids would love exploring Dino Dig, a place where kids can try and find “Dinosaur fossils”

Noosa Botanical Garden
Noosa Botanical Garden

Noosa Botanical Garden has toilet facilities and fresh drinking water.

But what really makes it stand out are its amazing Flora and Fauna.

Noosa Botanical Garden
Noosa Botanical Garden
Noosa Botanical Garden

Have you visited Noosa Botanical Gardens? Tell us about your experience in the comments below?

Noosa botanical Garden


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