Passage Peak

Passage Peak

The walk to Passage Peak is a steep climb with steps that seem to go on for ages but the view at the end makes it all worthwhile. With a great couple of lookouts along the way.

We set out from the hideaway bay entrance which gives you a couple of hundred metre walk before the steps begin, just enough to time to start warming up your muscles before the steps work muscles you had forgotten existed. The walk / climb is about 2kms one way however we decided to walk home a different way to give our knees a little rest from all the steps downhill.

Most of the trip up is steps with a few small respites of more level sections, however the last 950 metres is basically just steps that seem to wind on forever. Probably the most heartbreaking sign is as you are leaving the Turkey nest junction Where the paths all meet and head up the stairs with the sign clearly telling you 950 metres to go, then about 200 metres up the path you are meet with another sign that also reads 950 metres to go.

This was the path where our heartbeats really started racing when we met a snake along our path. (Ok it was a non Venomous green tree snake) but my heart rate still jumped up about 20 beats when I saw the snake slithering only 30 CM’s away.

Before you walk up the final steps to the top there is a great lookout, you wander down (silently thinking to yourself that for every step down is another step I have to walk up) but at the end gives you a great view of Whitsunday Island and the resort. We were also lucky to have a kookaburra in the trees below.

Once we got to the top there are three different lookouts

One that looks out over South East head
Another fantastic walk you can do that is about 7kms round trip.

One that looks out over the Resort

We sat here for ages watching the jet skiers in the waves below, jumping over the waves enjoying not only the fun happening below but the sense of achievement that we had made it up the steps.

And then The peak itself that looks out over the Whitsunday coral sea

We sat and watched as the rain came in across the water a welcome relief from the heat and humidity, as we got ready for the walk back.

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