About us.

Learn more about Us, about why we created Adventures from where you want to be.

Adventures from where you want to be started two years ago when we would sit back and watch our parents head off into the sunset, to explore Australia in their Caravan, Australia really is such a large and amazing place. That winter they packed their bags, their Jayco Ballarat Silverline caravan and headed off to explore the west and the top end.

They sent us back photos, anecdotes and we often would say to them, that’s where we would rather be, and from that this blog was born. Initially, we started following their journey and publishing their journey.

Two years on we have decided it is time to move on from our initial site to continue their journey and ours.

We continue to tell anecdotes of their adventures, but also show family-friendly caravan trips, walks and so much more.

Continue with our adventure.

Valley of the Giants treetop walk