Lal Lal Blast Furnace

Have you heard about the Lal Lal Blast furnace?

Did you know that it is just twenty minutes out of Ballarat? It is a site which has been classified to be preserved from the National Trust. Yet most people who live in Ballarat would not know its significance.

It is a site of such significance in our early industrial history yet was only operational for four years.

This site is the Lal Lal Blast furnace. The Furnace was built in 1880 by the Lal Lal Iron company. And operated until 1884. Located within the Lal Lal-Bungal Historic Area, just a short drive away from the Beautiful Lal Lal Falls.

There is a free campsite and picnic ground at the Blast furnace, that is provided by Parks Victoria and includes flushing toilets.

The 17-metre ruins of the Blast Furnace and ruins of the iron Mine are found on Iron Mine road at Lal Lal. Once you get to the carpark the signage is not very clear, and the path is a little overgrown but if you can find your way its well worth a walk to see the furnace. There are a great variety of signs explaining all about its history.

Nearby is a great view of the Bungal Dams spillway.

Have you visited Lal Lal Blast furnace before?

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