Lilydale Falls.

Majestic Tasmanian morning

Just a short 25 minutes drive from Launceston, you will come across a cute little town called Lilydale. Previously called upper piper it changed its name in 1887. This town with approximately 590 people, is the gateway to see Lilydale Falls. Around the area, you will also find Mount Arthur, rising 1188 metres above sea level. A popular destination for those wanting to hike in Tasmania’s beautiful scenery.

Lilydale Falls consists of two waterfalls, located a short walking distance apart.

To get to the falls it is a nice short walk, that is appropriate for people of any age and fitness level, as long as you can negotiate stairs. The first Waterfall was only about a 5-10 minute walk from the car park. You access it first by journeying along a well-maintained path before you start descending down the stairs.

Once at the bottom, you can look up at the waterfalls as the water races down the rocky edge.

Then if you venture another short walk, (under 5 minutes) you are able to view the waterfall from a viewing platform.

Lilydale Falls reserve

Lilydale Falls is located in Lilydale Falls reserve, and it is a very popular spot for campers. There are public toilets, BBQ facilities, picnic tables, as well as a Children’s Playground. It is a short stay campsite, with a maximum of two nights, before you will need to pack up your tent, campervan, caravan or motorhome and continue on your travel. Camping itself is free, however, there is a charge for the showers.

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