On to Carnarvan, a very important communications base for the USA’s landing on the moon back in 1969. Relays were received from the spaceship in Carnarvan and then relayed to America.
The base was also used as the first satellite link between Australia and Britain also in the sixties.

This base is now set up as an excellent museum of these events, with informative videos, life sized replicas of some of the space craft used and other very interesting models and technical equipment used back then.

We would thoroughly recommend a visit to this amazing tourist attraction.

Carnarvan has been an agricultural centre for over one hundred years.   A small train line was built around 100 years ago from the town  out to the jetty. This jetty is 1 mile long (2.2 kilometres )
Cattle, sheep, wool and other produce were taken from town to the end of the jetty where they were loaded onto boats.
The jetty is now a tourist attraction where a little train is on offer to take passengers out to the end of the jetty. There is also a cafe and an interesting museum of those bygone days.

Carnarvan remains an agricultural hub, where 80% of WA’s vegetables are grown. With a very low rainfall, they rely on irrigation from aquifers from the Gascoyne River which runs mostly underground!

Fishing in Carnarvan

A different mode of transport to go fishing at Carnarvan, which still has an active fishing fleet operating.

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