Ceduna and Guilderton



Could be forgiven for thinking Ceduna is Jayco Country!

The last big town in South Australia before the Nullarbor Plain, in this beautiful little caravan park beside the main jetty, on this particular night, there were 6 Silverlines, 3 Expandas and other varieties of Jayco caravans dominating the quite small park!

Ceduna provides most services any town would provide, but limited variety as it is a long way from civilisation with a small population.


From Ceduna we travelled West past Eucla a favourite spot in our family home to the Amazing Old Telegraph Station, that is found hidden amongst sand dunes towards our next stop Guilderton.

Guilderton remains one of our favourite places!

Just approx 100 k’s from Perth this quiet little town of very little in the way of houses, is nestled in from the mouth of the Moore River.
It has a beautifully appointed caravan park just above the shoreline.

Guilderton only has a population of 141 and was gazetted as a town in 1951.  We try to stop here on most of our trips West. Each year we have visited it has been very quiet, but I am told that is not the case during summer and school holidays.

Guilderton or Moore River as it known by visitors from Perth is home to a lovely brick style lighthouse, which was built in 1983, and was the last brick style lighthouse built in Australia.

Fishing is a favourite pastime of those who visit.

The mouth of the river has a massive sand bank across most of it, making the river very nutrient-rich, providing well for the marine species that inhabit it.

But if Fishing is not your cup of tea, there are plenty of lovely walks you can do, ranging from Gentle to more challenging walks to enjoy.

Guilderton Guilderton

The Indian Ocean in this region has been the scene for many a shipwreck in earlier times.
The foam brushed up on the sand today gives a little idea of how savage the wind could be at times.

Guilderton Guilderton Guilderton Guilderton Guilderton


Love Merril and Bob

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