Final day.

Travelling on the Final day.

The thing about travelling with children is they often wake you up early and our last day was no exception.
Our children all woke up before the alarm clock which allowed us to get on the road as the sun was rising.

Our aim was to get to Bordertown, 800 kms away. Imagine our surprise with how well the children travelled and we made it home instead, 1200 kms away.
The wind once again was very strong and the rain showers started. Whilst not very good driving conditions the view for all of us travelling was nice and we saw over half a dozen rainbows throughout the day.

The drive from Glendambo to home is a very interesting one as you see so many different terrains in the one trip.

The highlight for the children was when we stopped at Bumbunga Lake. It is a salt lake located just out of Lochiel South Australia.

The lake has a stunning pink colour from the natural salinity of the water.

But for me the highlight of the day came much later in the day, after 6000kms when we drove in our driveway.

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