Kondalilla Falls

A visit to the Sunshine Coast, in Queensland Australia would not be complete without visiting Kondalilla Falls, one of the many different waterfalls in the area.

Kondalilla Falls

The falls are found in the heart of the Sunshine Coast hinterland. Located near Montville, surrounded by rainforest, it is a welcome escape from city life.

Kondalli falls are found in Kondalilla National Park. One of the Sunshine Coast 7 National Parks. Kondalilla is an Aboriginal word for running water.

The area was first officially protected in 1906 as a recreational area. In 1945 it become a National Park.

Kondalilla Falls

To get to the falls you will need to go on a well maintained walking track. The walking trail features not only the waterfalls, but also rock pools, scenic lookout and water holes.

Whilst there are quite a few steps on the hike it is relatively easy. Kondalilla National park has well maintained trails. There are some great lookouts on the way down towards the base of the falls.

Kondallila falls is a popular swimming spot, as there is a very scenic swimming hole at the base of the falls.

Some things to watch out for.

Firstly! It is cold!

We went in January and I needed to jump in and not think about it, as the cold water took my breathe away.

Secondly! Watch out for Flash flooding!

If you are visiting make sure you keep an eye on the weather, the area has been known to be affected by flash flooding.

Thirdly! Leaches

As we made our way back to the car, one of the kids found a leach on her ankles, not what we where expecting. We then had to try and find away to get it off, without panicking everyone around us.

Choice of Walking trails

Picnic Creek circuit – 1.7km

Kondalilla Falls Circuit—4.7km walk, that includes over 300 stairs (Rock pools—2.4km return)

Sunshine Coast Hinterland Great Walk – 58km walk through Kondalilla, Mapleton Falls and Mapleton National Parks with overnight campsites.

Kondalilla falls is a must see location if you are visiting the Sunshine Coast, and somewhere that locals should visit as well.

How to get there.

From Montville, head down Mapleton Montville Road, and after about 2km, you take a left onto Kondalilla Falls Road. The car park is at the end of this road. The day we went it was already getting very busy, however we managed to get a park. I have been told that the area can become quite congested, and sometimes people end up parking on nearby residential streets.


Free to park, and free to visit.

Kondalilla Falls
Kondalilla Falls
Kondalilla Falls

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