Moonta Bay

Moonta Bay

My favourite place so far.
On the York Peninsula and only a couple of hours away from Adelaide, Moonta Bay has a fabulous beach for families with the tide going out at least 150 metres from the shore on low tide, leaving ankle deep water or none, right out to the shark proof swimming area. Comes in nicely for a very enjoyable high tide swimming area with all the local children making the most of it!

Adding to that is the fabulous caravan park on the shore with fabulous beach view beheld by almost every site.

Copper mines of Moonta.

One of the few mining ventures of the York Peninsula, copper was mined from the late 1800’s to mid 1900’s with various methods, each showing the resilience and brilliance of mind of the pioneers.
Few buildings remain, but it is possible to get the gist of each era by the signs that flank the well defined tourist route through the old township of “Moonta Mines”.
The magnificent school building once housed over 800 children!
The modern town of Moonta is the continuation towards the sea of the old township.
Today it is mostly a retirees town, with few professional fishermen, but many, many amateur fishermen, mostly of the grey nomad tourist class!
And they just LOVE the place!!


The first miners were from Wales, hence the sign on the close up of the school.
The railway still runs a tourist train for about 5 kts with a running commentary of the history of the ming operation etc. Β Many people still live in houses like this Minor’s house. They have very low doorways and roofs. In all, a very interesting place to visit.

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