Explore how your body moves and works in Scienceworks amazing Sportsworks. This interactive exhibit allows children (and adults alike) to race against Cathy Freeman, rock climb like an adventurer. Play sport against their favorite sportsmen and learn how their body works.

Sportsworks is a great place to run, throw, leap, climb, stretch and row. It teaches children about the science behind how there bodies move. The science behind sport.




This area is great for children in both primary and secondary school with information to suit all ages.

This area teaches children that their is much more to sport than meets the eye. Sport involves Mathematics (calculating weights, lengths and other measurements). Technology (Athletes clothes, shoes, and other equipment) Science Рall about Biology, how the body works, the heart, the lungs and how they impact fitness. Also Health how diet, exercise and natural ability (skills) all play apart in sport.




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