Buffet breakfast – Hamilton Island Wildlife Park

Buffet breakfast at the Wildlife park Hamilton Island

Hamilton Island Wildlife Park signNow there are plenty of places to grab breakfast on the Island, from Cafes and bakeries downtown, to grabbing your own from the local grocery store, the Island has three places that you can enjoy buffet breakfast from Sails at the main resort, to the hotels breakfast but if you want to really enjoy a buffet breakfast on Hamilton Island I suggest the breakfast at the wildlife park.

Now the buffet itself does not have as much selection as Sails, however the pancakes and eggs made to order certainly make up for it.

Each day a chef is their to make your eggs however you like them and unlike other restaurants where you stand their waiting for ages whilst they make your order, you tell the chef your order and your table number and she brings it to you. They arrived beautifully presented.

You sit their overlooking cuddly koalas, and for not much more you can also pay for entry into the wildlife park.

Our children loved the hot pancakes, and the fact their was a huge selection of topping choices from Chocolate, caramel, strawberry, maple syrup, lemon and sugar

Hamilton Island Wildlife Park Coffee

Hamilton Island Wildlife Park Breakfast


Hamilton Island Wildlife Park Breakfast


Hamilton Island Wildlife Park

Hamilton Island Wildlife Park

Hamilton Island Koala Wildlife Park

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