Creating a dream board with kids.

“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.”

As adults, we love to dream big dreams, dreams for ourselves, for our business, for our children. When we first got married we would attach photos of things that we were aiming for on the wall in our room, to remind ourselves what we were working towards. From holidays, cars, houses, jobs, qualifications even just inspirational quotes they helped drive us forward when we where busy renovating houses, doing the extra hours, so we knew that whilst there was a cost involved it was worth it.

Our children too have big dreams and a lot of them revolve around places they want to visit around the world.  We decided to make a dream board with them so they could see what we were aiming for.

Creating a dream board with your kids

Now the thing when you create a dream board with your children it has to be what they want for themselves, not what you think they should want. For our youngest daughter, her number one travel location is Hamilton Island, we go there at least a year. But there was no way she was going to put anything on there until a large photo of Whitehaven Beach was on the board. For our oldest, her travel goal is to go to every Disney resort in the world. So more than half of the board revolves around Disney, with the largest picture being a Disney cruise.

Our youngest had one place he wanted to see, Toy Story Land… nothing else mattered. There was no point asking him for multiple places as in his mind nothing else mattered just walking into Toy Storyland and going on Slinky Dog Dash.

Important things I learnt when making a Dream Board with my Children.

  • They often want to go back to the places they have visited before. A lot of the places that they put on the board were places we have taken them to before. Places like Canada, Disney, Whitehaven beach.
  • You can’t be worried about whether it is symmetrical, whether it is cut out correctly. Items will be cut out on angles, attached over the top of each. There will be spaces. Don’t worry, It needs to inspire them, not you.
  • It is often hard to get the ‘correct images’ for your child. The traditional way of going to get a brochure from a travel agent is a lot harder, especially if you want to go to a large number of places. So we used a mix of google images, our own images, we head into travel agents and get brochures. We also bought a couple of travel magazines to cut out as well.
  • It needs to be somewhere that your kids see it regularly, we put ours up on the wall beside our dining room table so every night when we sit down to eat, we can look at it. Be thankful for the places that we have already been to. Be inspired by the places we have yet to get to.
  • Your Children will surprise you. I never realised some of the places our children wanted to visit, places like the Great Wall, the London eye, Central Park, Statue of liberty, stone henge.


Have you created a dream board with your children?

Do you enjoy travelling with your kids?

What places do you want to go to?

“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.”


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