Photography on your holidays.

Why is Photography on holidays so important?

I love taking photos and videos whilst on holidays, whether I am walking around with my DSLR, my GoPro, or just with my phone, there is something magical about taking some photos to help keep your memories of the trip fresh in your mind when you get back.

But even more than that, Good Photography on holidays can help inspire others to get out there and travel, see Australia, see the world.

Giant Causeway - Northern Ireland

My top 5 reasons you should be taking more photos on your next holiday.

1 – Photos help you remember.

Photographs can help you remember a time, a place, even a group of people. I look back at the grainy shots I took from my first trip to Ayers Rock back in the ’90s as a child and it brings me back to a different time. I begin to remember songs that I listened to on the long bus trip there. (Thanks Green Day – time of my life). I begin to remember hearing about Robert Harvey winning the Brownlow as I look at a photo of us sitting at the Glen Helen Homestead.


Photos help me remember places, to inspire me to go back and see the changes. I remember looking at photos of one of my first trips up to the Daintree Forest against photos from my recent holiday and it helps you remember the way it was, to the way it is now.

2 – Photos inspire others to travel

© Sarah McPherson Photography

I have visited so many places after seeing a photo on Instagram that has made me go… Wow. We would never have stopped at Eucla and wondered the amazing sand dunes to see the Old telegraph station except we were shown a photo after a family member’s trip there.  On our last trip to the Whitsundays, we took a helicopter flight over Heart Reef, as I was inspired to see it for myself. I hope that my photography can do that too.

3 – Photographs inspire you to observe more.

I have found now that I am taking more Landscape photos, I spend more time looking at my surroundings. I stop to see the little toadstools / Mushrooms growing in the Grass. I look up at night to see the ghostly patterns the trees make against the clouds.

Now I spend more time slowing down, taking the time to go on walks on our trips, I explore more, hoping to find that perfect spot to take my next photo.

4 – People will want to see your photos.

If you spend a little more time taking photographs of the area around you, interesting views, interesting landmarks. People will want to see your photos. Instead of seeing the same photo over and over, they will be inspired by all the new places you explore and photograph.





5 – Legacy

A few years ago I made a photo album that had a lot of photos of my grandfather in it. These photos were so important as he died many years before I was born. Without these photos, I would have never have known what he looked like. I love the fact that my children’s children will get to see the adventures we went on. They will see photos of us, feeding Kangaroos, climbing mountains, wandering through National Parks.  For many years to come, they will continue to tell my story / our story.

Koala Park Creswick

To see more of my photography head across to my Photography page.

Do you take photos when you are on holiday’s? What motivates you?


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