Walt Disney World are discontinuing free Magic Bands for Resort guests from 2021

Breaking news from Walt Disney World

This week has been a big week for Disney news. With Disney releasing their proposed reopening dates for Disneyland and Disneyworld.

They have also released their new reservation system. Now to enter in the park, you need a your valid pass, as well as reservation for the day. This is to ensure they can follow through with their limited capacity.

However the news that has caught many by surprise is that was of January 1st 2021, Disney will be discontinuing their free magic bands for resort guests.

At the moment when you book into any of the Disney hotels in Walt Disney world, you receive a complimentary magic band per guest on your reservation. These came in a variety of plain colours. Guests could also pay an upgrade to get a Disney themed Band.

Disney have instead that they will be updating their app, “My Disney experience” to bring a magic band feature to allow for this change.

But for those that love the magic band, don’t worry you will still be able to purchase them at a discount when booking. Retail locations and shop Disney will still be selling Magic Bands.

What are your thoughts on Disney discontinuing the complimentary magic bands? Let me know in the comments.


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