The many faces of Quobba


The many faces of Quobba, an absolute gem 60ks North of Carnarvan!

A beautiful sandy beach with camping allowed behind sand dunes is enjoyed by campers and fishermen, with a safe haven for small fishing boats.

Just a few hundred metres North, the rugged coastline of very unusual rock formations is pounded by the sea. Holes have been formed in some of these rock formations creating some of the most dramatic blowholes we have ever seen! Very spectacular!!!

Further north still along this coastline at Red Bluff, was where two lifeboats from the German ship, the “Kormoran” were found during the Second World War. This ship was disguised as a Dutch merchant ship and was involved in a battle with the Australian Cruiser “HMAS Sydney 2”.

The result of this battle was that the “Sydney” went down with all hands, and the “Kormoran” sunk but with most of it’s crew making it to safety.

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