Rainbow Beach

Just over 100 kms from Noosa is the beautiful and picturesque coastal town, Rainbow Beach. Located close to the ferry to head across to Fraser Island. This is a must visit location on the Cooloola coast

We have driven up for a day trip before, but also spent the weekend in one of their many hotel, motels and holiday rentals.

With a population of about 4100 people this sleepy town has a variety of local shops, cafes, restaurants including Rainbow Beach Surf life saving club. The Surf life saving club has great food, but an even greater view.

Another one of our favourite restaurants was ‘The deck @ sea salt’

Rainbow beach gets its name, as it is surrounded by brightly coloured sand cliffs, the cliffs are a range of colours from purple, red, orange, yellow and white.

One of peoples favourite activities at Rainbow beach is to slide down the huge sand dunes, our children loved rolling down the sand dunes as well.

If you walk 2.8km return you can walk to Carlo Sandblow which is on of Rainbow Beach’s main attraction, the view from the Sandblow is sensational.

Rainbow beach is popular with a variety of different people, they come for Fishing, surfing, bushwalking, swimming, and many come to run up the beach in the 4WD. You just have to make sure you keep an eye on the tides, as you don’t want to leave your run up the beach to late.

We spent a couple of days walking part of the Cooloola Great Walk this 102km walk starts at Noosa North shore and ends at rainbow beach.

Have you ever been to Rainbow Beach? Tell us in the comments below.


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