Journey on the Spirit of Tasmania

Take a magical journey to Tasmania on the Spirit of Tasmania.

Spirit of Tasmania

Spirit of Tasmania is a fantastic way to bring your car and Caravan over to Tasmania

Depending on the time of the year there are both day and night sails available, we have been on both and found the night sails so much more relaxing and enjoyable.

The spirit of Tasmania departs at 7:30 pm and the trip is about 10 and a half hours arriving at Devonport at 6 am.

With a great variety of cabins available from deluxe / cabins, twin bed, four-bed porthole and four bed inside cabins that also accommodate 2 cots. It’s great for couples and families alike. If there are just two of you the deluxe cabin is definitely an amazing experience.

Cabin Spirit of Tasmania
Deluxe Cabin

It has a great queen size bed, private bathroom, twin porthole windows, your own tv and for those with young children will fit two cots as well. These deluxe cabins are up the front of the boat and you can take in the views via the twin porthole windows. (Just be careful on rough trips – you might feel a little green looking out the window)

When we travelled with all four kids we enjoyed the 4 bedroom inside cabin with two additional cots. Thee cabins have their own private shower, reading lights, adjustable air conditioner, power points perfect for us to charge our phones, as well as a desk and comfortable chair. (Although with two cots we found there wasn’t much room for the chair).

4 bed cabin spirit of tasmania

For a cheaper option, there are also recliners or a shared cabin.

For night sails, you can board 2.5 hours before sailing at around 5 pm and have to be on no later than 45 minutes before they set sail. All people boarding need photo Id to sail.

When driving on the spirit of Tasmania it is roll on, roll off which means no awkward turning, reversing on the ship.

We have been across a few times now and our go to dinner option after boarding and putting our overnight bag in our room is TMK (The Tasmanian Market Kitchen) it is a great casual self-service buffet style restaurant. You can also purchase a desert.

There are also a variety of snacks, sandwiches available over at the Pantry, to take back to your recliner or room.

For the adults there a great selection of bars.


Have you travelled on the Spirit of Tasmania?

Did you choose a Day or night sailing?


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