Dolphin Aqua Adventure – Sea World

Dolphin Aqua Adventure

For our daughters 11th Birthday we decided to give her and her younger brother a once in a lifetime opportunity to get up and close with a Dolphin with Sea World’s Dolphin Aqua adventure children’s package and it didn’t disappoint.

For $144.99 plus $25 for a DVD of the experience it was a highlight of not only our own children experiencing it, but also us watching from the sidelines.

The program runs for about 45 minutes, 20 minutes of that in the water, it is not only fun but informative too.

The children sit on a submerged platform whilst the adults watch on from just outside the gates on the sidelines.

Whether you choose the DVD package or not, all children will walk away with a gorgeous photo of them with a dolphin.

There are up to 14 participants per group with 2 trainers, they supply wetsuits for the children, as part of the package you jut need to leave either your VIP Pass, medicare card or swipe the credit card.

Our children loved it they were able to feed a dolphin and see a variety of dolphin behaviour.

To participate in the Dolphin Aqua adventure – children program you need to be at least 110cm tall without shoes and aged between 5 – 13 years old.

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